Nina took her first Jazz Dance class at the tender age of 7. Longing for more, she later joined a teenage Street Dance performance group, until she stumbled upon Lindy Hop in 2013, and finally Boogie Woogie in 2015. Ever since, her life would be unimaginable without that bounce! Over the years, she acquired a broad knowledge on the many facets of swing dancing which she loves to share with her students. Aside from teaching, Nina can be seen competing in Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie throughout the continent, regularly making finals.

Anthony has never been able to sit still for very long and after 20 years of rigorous academic life he finally found a place he didn’t have to. Using his background in psychology, nutrition, and anatomy he takes a simple and holistic approach to his teaching. Anthony’s goal for each class is to expand his students’ abilities so that they have more freedom to express themselves on the social dance floor. He has performed, taught, and managed a number of dance companies and brings nearly a decade of experience to his teaching.

Nina and Anthony met at Herräng Dance camp and clicked instantly. They both have a passion for teaching and are constantly tinkering with their classes looking ways to improve and expand them. When these two get together you can bet they will be having a blast and they like to think their students do as well, despite all the bad jokes.