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Tracks & Levels

6 Hours of Main track classes of either Lindy, Balboa or Shag. Want more? Add 3.5 hours of optional extra track classes starting on friday.



Pick ONE main track with 6 hours of classes. Main track classes take place on Saturday and Sunday in central locations.



4 level groups from Improvers to Advanced.


Minou & Martin

Maria & Daniil

Jill & Alex


2-3 level groups from Intermediate to Advanced


Sanna & Adam

Anni & Gašper

Natasha & Patrick

Saturday class_4.jpg


2-3 level groups from Intermediate to Advanced


Larissa & Heiko

Natasha & Patrick



You can pick ONE extra track with 3.5 hours of teaching. You can combine it with a Full pass or Party pass.

*Note that Extra track classes start on Friday.


Aerials -

Learn to fly!

The aerials track is meant for dancers with min. 1.5 years of swing dance experience.

Partner registration only (no rotation in class)

2h on Friday evening + 1.5h on Saturday


Jill & Alex

Natasha & Patrick


Slow Bal -

Swing slow in close embrace!

The Slow Bal track is meant for everyone with min 1.5 years of swing dance experience.

No partner necessary

2h on Friday evening + 1.5 on Saturday


Anni & Gašper



Taster classes will take places during all 3 festival days. Only full passes holder can attend taster classes. Schedule and Taster teachers available on Schedule page.

Level Grouping

We will group our participants according to their level estimation. An additional questionnaire for a better estimation will be sent if needed. Teachers can move you to another level if they think it is the best for the group and the student. Please be honest when evaluating your level in the registration form.

Minimum level requirements

To attend the lowest class level at Helswingi you should already have basic knowledge of the chosen dance and feel comfortable social dancing it with basic patterns and rhythms. If you don’t fill that requirement yet, read below about options for Beginners.

Collegiate Shag track:  You have knowledge of the basic steps, rhythms, some figures and variations. You know the basic step and its variations, the fundamentals of connection, leading and following. You know some moves and can autonomously dance these socially.

Balboa track: You know the down hold and uphold basic and some bal-swing moves. You know the fundamentals of connection in Bal, leading and following and you can autonomously dance them socially.

Lindy hop track: Your swing out is not perfect, but you have managed to do it in class. You have a good repertoire of movements in open and closed position, and you feel comfortable leading or following medium-tempo songs on the social dance floor. You probably have been dancing for ~ 6-8 months.


For Beginners of Balboa, Shag and Lindy hop


Balboa & Collegiate Shag Intense start weekend 14.-15.9

Give Balboa or Collegiate Shag an intense start or a proper post-summer brush up. This workshop will teach you the basics of Balboa or Collegiate Shag, but the course will have a tight pace. It’s also the ideal place to wake up your Balboa or Shag basics after a summer break. To attend this workshop you should have taken some couple dance classes for to be familiar with basic terms and technique.

 With our frequent visiting teachers Katharina and Johannes you can be sure to be in loving hands.

Teaching language is English and we rotate partners.


Saturday 11.00-12.30 and 13.30-15.00 (Place: Saiffa, Flow Mo Dance School)


Balboa beginners’ workshop is cancelled. Sunday, 11.00-12.30 and 13.30-15.00 (Place: Saiffa, Flow Mo Dance School)

Price: 40e one day, second day -25%, -20% student discount


Lindy hop Beginners’ Track 21.-22.9

Are you a Lindy hop Newbie? This track is for everyone who has maybe never danced before or is not yet comfortable with the basics. You don’t need any previous experience nor a partner. The very experienced teacher Adrian Ehrlich will take you through the fundamentals of the dance in four hours of classes.

Helswingi’s Sunday party is included in the price of the Beginners’ track, so you get to apply everything you learned during the weekend on the social dance floor - and meet the community.

Saturday: 12.00 - 14.00

Sunday: 13.00 - 15.00

Place: Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School, Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 00180 Helsinki

Price: 55e

Students: - 20 %

Also includes: Sunday party and Sunday taster.